Hotel Tech Report Awards 2023

We’re excited to announce that Eleanor has won Runner-Up in the Best Concierge Software category for the second year in a row at the recent Hotel Tech Awards!

Eleanor is thrilled to be named one of the top-performing concierge solution providers globally! Hotel Tech Report’s accolade is a great achievement for our second year participating in the program and confirms our efforts are making positive impacts on our clients and motivates us to continue providing a revolutionary guest experience solution for resorts.  In the past year, we have been able to broaden our reach to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Zanzibar, and the Caribbean, creating an expansive portfolio of new markets.

Based on accurate, timely reviews from real users, rank the world’s best hotel software firms and products and it also provides hoteliers direct access to a growing network of hotel technology professionals and decision-makers.

“Even amidst a market meltdown, the resurgence of COVID variants and the war in Ukraine (~30% of HTR’s is European…) — more than 864k+ hoteliers (+68% YOY) came to during the 3-month awards period contributing more than 16k+ product reviews adding to the collective knowledge about the best digital products that helped them survive the difficult times and thrive during the good times over the past couple years. Companies like Eleanor have been a vital resource for hoteliers looking to accelerate their digital transformation.” says a representative from HotelTechReport.

“The guest experience is the cornerstone of our platform. Our unified resort-wide solution, Eleanor, has been built for resorts off the back of many years working in the industry and addresses the needs of the guests, sales & marketing teams, and perhaps even more importantly, the operational needs of the team on the ground at the property. The days of resorts working with disjointed systems are now behind us.”, says Darren Caple, co-founder, and CEO.

“We are striving to make the guest’s resort experience as easy and as frictionless as possible. Whereas traditional providers in the market have come at this purely from a guest communication perspective, our background in resorts has allowed us to combine this basic requirement with streamlining operational processes. The result is a resort-wide solution that removes the need for countless different systems to be deployed.

Eleanor allows resorts to deliver consistent, superior service levels to guests across all stages of their journey with contactless features helping to alleviate sensitive touchpoints in the post COVID-19 pandemic period. Eleanor also helps unlock operational efficiencies, boost incremental revenue by up to 30%, and generate guest loyalty, “ he added.

Eleanor is making waves in the hospitality industry by pushing the conventional limits of what a resort guest app can achieve through its unique ability to facilitate direct bookings for services and activities.  The traditional ‘request to book’ feature that is common amongst almost all other hotel apps is removed by a powerful booking and operational platform sitting at the heart of the solution that covers all the resorts’ departments. It’s this module which realizes enormous operational benefits and insights for the resort.

“We, at Eleanor, are humbled and honored to have garnered the award for two years in a row, and the positive reviews show that our clients are happy with us. Feedback from our clients, partners and hoteliers is incredibly valuable for us and we will continue to improve our offering and services”, said Caple. “Also, we can’t wait for our clients to try out the new features that have been added and will help their operations a lot.”

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