Eleanor’s Contactless Check-In: Streamline Your Guests’ Experience

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, the traditional manual check-in process at resorts appears outdated. It is time-consuming, error-prone, and often leads to guest dissatisfaction, poor data capture, and operational inefficiencies. Consequently, many leading resorts are now seeking to revolutionise their check-in process by embracing digital solutions. Eleanor’s digital, contactless check-in feature offers resorts the opportunity to streamline operations, enhance data capture, and increase guest satisfaction, all while reducing costs and eliminating paper waste.

Benefits of Online, Contactless Check-In

Enhance Guest Experience and Convenience

By allowing guests to check in from their own devices ahead of time, the entire check-in process becomes smoother, faster, and more convenient from their perspective. This eliminates the need for lengthy check-in procedures after a long flight or dealing with queues at reception upon arrival. Guests can worry less and enjoy more relaxation time at the resort.

Embrace Paperless Check-In

Eleanor’s online check-in can be easily completed through the guest app, eliminating the need for paper forms and an endless supply of pens that always seem to disappear at reception. This not only helps resorts achieve their environmental targets by going paper-free but also provides immediate cost savings.

Ensure Accurate Data and GDPR Compliance

Going paperless improves data accuracy. When guests enter their own data digitally during check-in, we observe a significant increase in both data capture and accuracy, with an average of 96% of captured emails being correct and viable. By centralising everything through Eleanor, the need for making copies is eliminated, reducing the risk of storing sensitive private data, such as passport copies or ID card photos, in insecure or unverified environments. This helps with GDPR compliance and protects resorts from potential breaches as well as making it much easier when guests request their data history.

Through Eleanor’s 2-way integration with Opera, Eleanor can also limit the visibility of sensitive data to your team, further enhancing the security of your operations and data compliance.

Empower Your Staff

The check-in process and associated data processing can consume a significant amount of your staff’s time. Ideally, this time should be spent interacting with guests, improving service, and meeting their needs. Shifting your check-in process online frees up your front office staff, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities — providing exceptional guest experiences.

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