Eleanor and hconnect Integration Unlocks Operational Efficiencies for Front Office Teams

Eleanor is excited to announce its latest partnership with hconnect, enabling a two-way integration with the Opera PMS.

With the integration now having rolled out at multiple resorts, one of the key benefits for Eleanor’s clients is the ability to ensure efficient writing back of guest profile data which is being captured from the Eleanor contactless check-in feature.

The traditional check-in process at resorts can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to guest dissatisfaction, poor data capture and operational inefficiencies. Resort staff often need help deciphering handwritten registration cards, which can result in incorrect guest information and longer wait times. Additionally, manually transferring this information into property management systems (PMS) can be tedious and prone to errors.

To address these challenges, Eleanor integrates with Opera through hconnect, creating a two-way connection that streamlines the check-in process. The integration allows guests to submit their information through the Eleanor app, which then populates the necessary fields in the resort’s property management system. This eliminates the need for manual entry and the possibility of errors. Moreover, the resort teams can elevate their guest experience while still complying with government regulations.

Eleanor’s contactless check-in feature also the generation of a prefilled copy of the registration card, complete with e-signature and a copy of the guest’s passport.

“We’re excited to offer this integration to our existing and new clients through this partnership with hconnect,” said Darren Caple, CEO of Eleanor. “We understand the challenges that resort face in managing their guest data. This integration provides a much-needed solution to streamline the check-in process, reduce errors, and save valuable time for resort staff, allowing them to focus more on the guest experience as opposed to paperwork and manual data entry.”

“At hconnect, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Eleanor team and integrate their innovative technology with our integration platform as a service. Their team’s experience and collaboration have been instrumental in our joint success, and we appreciate their trust in us. We have seen Eleanor’s value to their clients and wholeheartedly recommend their application to any hotel or resort needing a powerful and user-friendly solution to enhance their guest experience. Thank you, Eleanor, for being such a great partner!” said David Ganly, hconnect Co-founder.

The Eleanor and hconnect integration is available now for Opera PMS users. To learn more about how this integration can benefit your resort, please visit www.eleanorapp.com.