Cost saving for resorts – claim back 100+ lost hours every month

As resorts are investing effort to reduce costs and streamline operations, every little helps. A recent 30 day free trial of Eleanor unlocked 100+ man hours that were being lost on some very basic daily routines.

Imagine what you and your team could do with 100+ additional hours per month and the additional focus that could be applied to elevating your guest experience further.

100+ hours during a trial period confirms that Eleanor’s impact at the resort is immediate and generating a return right from the start.

The current process:

Your Front Office / Guest Service team receives a request from a guest to make a reservation for a particular experience / activity. In order to confirm that request, they have to contact the relevant department to check availability before being able to confirm the booking. This process takes anything from 2 minutes to 30+ minutes depending on the time of the day and the department. Guests are subsequently left waiting, or even asked to contact the department themselves, in which case there is no guarantee the booking will be realised and revenue is lost.

The Eleanor solution:

It’s really simple. Eleanor allows availability for all of the resort’s offerings to be checked, regardless of department or 3rd party provider, and for reservations to be made instantly.

Guests are not kept waiting; Front Office / Guest Services are empowered to provide instant answers and elevate their guest service level.

The result – Is it really 100+ hours?

Bring Eleanor into the operations and the whole process is completed in less than 1 minute.

We feel we are being very conservative with the saving of 100+ hours.

Our trail resort suggests they were able to process such a guest request on average in 5 minutes.
Eleanor reduces this time per booking to 1 minute.
A saving of 4 minutes per booking.
Our trial resort sample made over 2,000 bookings during the 30 days.

2,000 x 4 = 8,000 / 60 = 133 hours saved.

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