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High end resorts, such as those in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Caribbean are undoubtably developing the boundaries of guest service levels, with hard working teams offering great service.

Eleanor’s HQ (Headquarters) module is the perfect compliment to further elevate your guest service levels.

Read on to discover if your team is being held back by disjointed information, sub-par communication and lengthy processes for the simple of action of confirming a guests an experience.

The situation:

Nobody likes Excel, even at the best of times! Imagine having to work through multiple different files, make countless phone calls or be part of endless WhatsApp or similar messaging App groups, simply to make a booking for your guest at a restaurant, for an excursion, at the spa, a snorkelling trip or even a dive…

Your butler or guest service team should be able to immediately check availability, confirm the reservation, regardless of which department or 3rd party provider it falls under. Any other scenario is sub-standard and leads to a poorer guest experience.

Hours are wasted every week on this simple task of making a booking for an experience or activity at your resort.

The Eleanor solution:

All the resort’s portfolio of experiences and activities are managed through the Eleanor HQ (Headquaters) module.  This can be used as either a stand-alone solution, or integrated with Eleanor’s other modules.

Main concepts:

  • Key inputs such as timings and capacity are controlled by the individual department;
  • Eleanor’s Calendar shows real-time availability of the experience / activity;
  • Butlers / Guest Services can book guests directly onto available slots and immediately confirm to your guest;
  • Notes concerning the booking can be added directly onto the reservation for improved communication between departments.

Bookings can be made and confirmed to your guests within seconds, with all communication centralised, rather than spread over multiple phone calls, text messages and delays.

Preferences & itineraries

Itineraries can be built and planned according to guest preferences which can all be found easily and conveniently in Eleanor.

A better way for your butlers / guest services:

The result

An elevated experience for both your guest and your butler / guest service team. Countless hours and effort is saved on the butler / guest service side, while the guest receives a more streamlined and satisfying service.

It seems such a simple concept, but to date, this kind of solution to support your hard working team on the ground has not existed.

Empower Your Butlers / Guest Service Team

Information is key, and that is what Eleanor’s HQ module puts into your team’s hands. Empower them to improve their service levels, and allow guest satisfaction levels to rocket off the back.

Its time to introduce your butler / guest service team to their new best friend. Meet Eleanor.

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