Be Proactive in Improving Guest Satisfaction & Reviews

In the hospitality industry, reputation is everything. With the rise of online review sites and social media, it has become harder to keep a resort or hotel’s reputation in great shape. A bad review or post on social media can immensely hurt a property’s reputation – whereas a good reputation can bring in more guests and allow you to increase room rates and, subsequently, revenue.

So, why then do most resorts only want to hear feedback from their guests once they have left the property and returned home unhappy?  The problem with this traditional approach is that resorts often only find out about a disgruntled guest once they air their thoughts on review sites and social media channels after departing.

For those resorts that have adopted post departure feedback forms, there is great value in collating more extensive comments from guests to help improve service in the long run, but this approach doesn’t help fix immediate issues that arise and quickly make their way online.

It’s time to focus more on capturing and resolving issues while the guest is still in-house.

Be a proactive resort in capturing guest sentiment and feedback.

Eleanor’s In Stay Short Survey feature allows guests to provide critical feedback to the resort at earlier stages of the guest journey and which can be actioned to ensure the guest departs more satisfied as a result of their concerns being heard and dealt with.

Surveys can be customised for each resort and scheduled to reach guests at pre-defined intervals that capture timely feedback.  For example, a post-arrival feedback survey, sent one day after arrival, can provide crucial information as to whether a guest has settled in well to the start of their holiday. Similarly, a pre-departure short survey can allow for the implementation of last-minute service recovery actions. The results from these short surveys prove pivotal in allowing resorts to become proactive in ensuring a positive review at the end of the guest’s stay.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that a 1-star increase in ratings can result in a 5-9% increase in revenue, while a separate study by Cornell found that room rates can go up by as much as 11.2% if a hotel’s reputation goes up by one point on a scale of five.

The In-Stay Short Survey module is a game-changer for any resort that wants to improve its reputation and make its guests’ stays unforgettable.


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