Eleanor: Your All-in-One Solution for An Elevated Guest & Staff Experience

In the dynamic world of hospitality, seamless resort operations are the key to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Meet Eleanor, the revolutionary digital concierge platform consolidating essential resort applications and tools and empowering hospitality professionals to unlock operational efficiencies, improve communication, cut costs, and elevate the guest experience.


No more juggling multiple apps or platforms; with Eleanor, everything you need is at your fingertips. Let’s explore the core features of Eleanor that make it a must-have for every resort:


Centralized Hub for All Departments

  • Eleanor is the centralised hub, bringing together a range of resort operations and processes under one unified platform.
  • From guest check-ins and restaurant reservations, spa treatments and activities to housekeeping and maintenance tasks, all aspects of resort management are seamlessly integrated.


Cost-Effective Single Solution

  • Say goodbye to the burden of multiple software subscriptions and the associated expenses. Eleanor offers a cost-effective solution by consolidating essential tools into one.
  • Save time and money on different license requirements and training for your team.


Elevate Your Guest Experience

  • Resorts can create a memorable guest experience by offering personalised services and itineraries.
  • Communicate effectively and directly with your guests with in-app messages and upselling push notifications.


Smart Task Management

  • Eleanor’s innovative Task & Guest Request Module simplifies and optimises task assignment, tracking, and completion for various resort departments.
  • Get smart and actionable data on task acceptance and completion rates and help streamline operations.


Customizable Guest Requests

  • Eleanor empowers guests to make personalised requests through the resort’s mobile application, enhancing their in-stay experience.
  • These requests automatically trigger corresponding tasks, ensuring seamless integration with the Task & Guest Request Module.


Maximize Revenue Streams

  • The integrated reservation system within Eleanor enables resorts to manage direct bookings for restaurants, spa services, activities, and excursions, boosting profitability and providing guests with tailor-made experiences.
  • Upsell opportunities to make sure that there are no empty seats in restaurants or activities can be achieved through push notifications and messaging.


Improved Review Ratings

  • Eleanor’s In-stay Survey becomes a critical tool for service recovery in case of any service hiccups or guest concerns. Resort staff can promptly address issues and take immediate action, showcasing the resort’s commitment to resolving guest concerns and exceeding expectations.
  • Resorts can enhance guest satisfaction and foster guest loyalty by actively engaging with guests through surveys and promptly responding to feedback. The end result is an improved review rating on TripAdvisor, OTA sites or Google.


Performance Insights for Continuous Improvement

  • In-stay Survey results provide valuable performance data that empowers resort management to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing survey feedback, resorts can identify strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to continuously refine their services and elevate the guest experience.
  • The transparent tracking of service levels and performance metrics within Eleanor’s In-stay Survey module makes it an indispensable tool for achieving service excellence.


Eleanor stands as a game-changing all-in-one solution for both staff and guest experiences. Embrace Eleanor, and witness a new era of efficiency, productivity, and guest satisfaction unfold in your resort.