Improving Guest Engagement: Eleanor’s Chat Feature Delivers Exceptional Benefits

Effective communication lies at the heart of delivering exceptional guest experiences. Eleanor’s chat feature transforms the landscape of guest engagement for resorts, bringing forth many benefits that position it as an indispensable tool for any property. Let’s delve into the advantages it offers:


  1. Personalised Communication: Eleanor’s chat feature allows resorts to communicate with guests personally. From pre-arrival queries to in-stay assistance, it enables tailored interactions that enhance the guest’s sense of being valuable and looked after.


  1. Instant Assistance: Guests appreciate quick responses to their questions and requests. Eleanor’s chat ensures immediate assistance, whether getting recommendations or booking a spa treatment.


  1. Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: Satisfied guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and return for future stays. The chat feature helps resolve issues promptly, boosting overall guest satisfaction.


  1. Real-time Feedback: Guests can request common service requests and report issues directly through the chat interface, allowing resorts to address concerns in real-time and improve service quality.  Operations are also streamlined as a result of Eleanor’s Tasks & Guest Requests module integration.


  1. Increase in Upsell Opportunities: Resorts can use the chat feature to promote on-site services and activities, increasing revenue through upselling.


  1. Data Insights: The chat feature generates valuable data on guest preferences and behaviour, which resorts can use to refine their offerings and marketing strategies.



In today’s competitive hospitality industry, Eleanor’s chat feature empowers resorts to elevate their guest experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance guest engagement and satisfaction. Get started with Eleanor today and unlock a world of possibilities for your resort’s success.

Introducing Eleanor’s Logged-in Content Feature: For Guests Eyes Only

This new feature empowers resorts to control public access to pricing information, helping to safeguard valuable pricing strategies and other possibly sensitive information.

With Eleanor’s Logged-in Content feature, your resort can now hide pricing details or other sensitive information until guests log in to your resort app, enhancing how you manage your pricing and the guest experience.

If you’re an existing client and would like to activate this feature, please contact us via the form below for further details.

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    Eleanor: Your All-in-One Solution for An Elevated Guest & Staff Experience

    In the dynamic world of hospitality, seamless resort operations are the key to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Meet Eleanor, the revolutionary digital concierge platform consolidating essential resort applications and tools and empowering hospitality professionals to unlock operational efficiencies, improve communication, cut costs, and elevate the guest experience.


    No more juggling multiple apps or platforms; with Eleanor, everything you need is at your fingertips. Let’s explore the core features of Eleanor that make it a must-have for every resort:


    Centralized Hub for All Departments

    • Eleanor is the centralised hub, bringing together a range of resort operations and processes under one unified platform.
    • From guest check-ins and restaurant reservations, spa treatments and activities to housekeeping and maintenance tasks, all aspects of resort management are seamlessly integrated.


    Cost-Effective Single Solution

    • Say goodbye to the burden of multiple software subscriptions and the associated expenses. Eleanor offers a cost-effective solution by consolidating essential tools into one.
    • Save time and money on different license requirements and training for your team.


    Elevate Your Guest Experience

    • Resorts can create a memorable guest experience by offering personalised services and itineraries.
    • Communicate effectively and directly with your guests with in-app messages and upselling push notifications.


    Smart Task Management

    • Eleanor’s innovative Task & Guest Request Module simplifies and optimises task assignment, tracking, and completion for various resort departments.
    • Get smart and actionable data on task acceptance and completion rates and help streamline operations.


    Customizable Guest Requests

    • Eleanor empowers guests to make personalised requests through the resort’s mobile application, enhancing their in-stay experience.
    • These requests automatically trigger corresponding tasks, ensuring seamless integration with the Task & Guest Request Module.


    Maximize Revenue Streams

    • The integrated reservation system within Eleanor enables resorts to manage direct bookings for restaurants, spa services, activities, and excursions, boosting profitability and providing guests with tailor-made experiences.
    • Upsell opportunities to make sure that there are no empty seats in restaurants or activities can be achieved through push notifications and messaging.


    Improved Review Ratings

    • Eleanor’s In-stay Survey becomes a critical tool for service recovery in case of any service hiccups or guest concerns. Resort staff can promptly address issues and take immediate action, showcasing the resort’s commitment to resolving guest concerns and exceeding expectations.
    • Resorts can enhance guest satisfaction and foster guest loyalty by actively engaging with guests through surveys and promptly responding to feedback. The end result is an improved review rating on TripAdvisor, OTA sites or Google.


    Performance Insights for Continuous Improvement

    • In-stay Survey results provide valuable performance data that empowers resort management to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing survey feedback, resorts can identify strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to continuously refine their services and elevate the guest experience.
    • The transparent tracking of service levels and performance metrics within Eleanor’s In-stay Survey module makes it an indispensable tool for achieving service excellence.


    Eleanor stands as a game-changing all-in-one solution for both staff and guest experiences. Embrace Eleanor, and witness a new era of efficiency, productivity, and guest satisfaction unfold in your resort.

    Eleanor’s Contactless Check-In: Streamline Your Guests’ Experience

    As the world becomes increasingly digitised, the traditional manual check-in process at resorts appears outdated. It is time-consuming, error-prone, and often leads to guest dissatisfaction, poor data capture, and operational inefficiencies. Consequently, many leading resorts are now seeking to revolutionise their check-in process by embracing digital solutions. Eleanor’s digital, contactless check-in feature offers resorts the opportunity to streamline operations, enhance data capture, and increase guest satisfaction, all while reducing costs and eliminating paper waste.

    Benefits of Online, Contactless Check-In

    Enhance Guest Experience and Convenience

    By allowing guests to check in from their own devices ahead of time, the entire check-in process becomes smoother, faster, and more convenient from their perspective. This eliminates the need for lengthy check-in procedures after a long flight or dealing with queues at reception upon arrival. Guests can worry less and enjoy more relaxation time at the resort.

    Embrace Paperless Check-In

    Eleanor’s online check-in can be easily completed through the guest app, eliminating the need for paper forms and an endless supply of pens that always seem to disappear at reception. This not only helps resorts achieve their environmental targets by going paper-free but also provides immediate cost savings.

    Ensure Accurate Data and GDPR Compliance

    Going paperless improves data accuracy. When guests enter their own data digitally during check-in, we observe a significant increase in both data capture and accuracy, with an average of 96% of captured emails being correct and viable. By centralising everything through Eleanor, the need for making copies is eliminated, reducing the risk of storing sensitive private data, such as passport copies or ID card photos, in insecure or unverified environments. This helps with GDPR compliance and protects resorts from potential breaches as well as making it much easier when guests request their data history.

    Through Eleanor’s 2-way integration with Opera, Eleanor can also limit the visibility of sensitive data to your team, further enhancing the security of your operations and data compliance.

    Empower Your Staff

    The check-in process and associated data processing can consume a significant amount of your staff’s time. Ideally, this time should be spent interacting with guests, improving service, and meeting their needs. Shifting your check-in process online frees up your front office staff, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities — providing exceptional guest experiences.

    If you would like to learn more about Eleanor’s online contactless check-in and other services we offer, please contact us through the form below.

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      Streamlining Operations with Task & Guest Requests in Eleanor

      Efficiently managing guest requests and the day-to-day tasks that arise for housekeeping, front office, engineering, and maintenance departments is crucial in any resort or hotel. A system that monitors and tracks these tasks and requests can help save time, money, and resources while elevating guest satisfaction.

      Eleanor is pleased to announce to launch of its Task & Guest Request Module to streamline operations and enhance communication among staff members, guests, and management teams. By leveraging this add-on module within the Eleanor suite, hospitality professionals can optimise task assignment, tracking, and completion, boosting their operations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.


      One System 

      Existing Eleanor users can benefit from the new module and provide access to users directly from the existing dashboard. There is no need for a separate application or software for managing tasks and guest requests – users have a single login and can complete the day-to-day requirements directly from Eleanor.


      A Centralised Task Management System

      The Task Module acts as a centralised hub, allowing different departments within a resort to manage their respective tasks effectively. Whether it is the front office, housekeeping, or engineering and maintenance, each department can have separate setups, enabling prompt and accurate task assignments based on individual requirements. Sub-departments can also be accommodated, further enhancing specialisation and efficiency in handling specific tasks, such as electrical, plumbing, or carpentry.

      Notifications on task creation are sent to the relevant team members, with escalation limits and parameters able to be set to ensure the timely execution of the tasks.

      A powerful reporting feature is bundled into the module to allow management to keep track of performance and ensure that response and execution times are within your KPIs.


      Elevate your guest experience with Guest Requests

      Common guest requests are a great way to help streamline operations and reduce the number of team members required to execute simple requests from your guests. Whether it be refilling a mini-bar, requesting more towels, or asking for laundry to be collected, Eleanor’s Guest Request feature allows these common tasks to be initiated directly from the resort’s mobile application.

      Requests are customisable, with the initiation of a request automatically creating a task for the appropriate department, integrating seamlessly with the Tasks Module.

      Guests are automatically updated with the progress of their requests as updates are applied by the team completing the task. This simple but significant feature is already proving invaluable to the flow of information to guests.


      Integration with In-Stay Surveys

      The Task & Guest Request module integrates effortlessly with Eleanor’s In Stay Survey module, allowing tasks to be created from individual survey feedback. This ensures that a complete overview of any service recovery related to In Stay Surveys is transparent, simple to keep track of, and measurable.

      The Task Module in Eleanor empowers hospitality professionals to manage tasks effectively, streamline operations, and enhance guest satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface, seamless task assignment and tracking, real-time updates, and integration with the mobile resort application, the module extends the core capabilities of the Eleanor platform, offering even more operational tools within one single system. By embracing this innovative solution, resorts and hotels can elevate their operations, improve collaboration among staff members, and ultimately elevate their guest experience.


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        Eleanor and hconnect Integration Unlocks Operational Efficiencies for Front Office Teams

        Eleanor is excited to announce its latest partnership with hconnect, enabling a two-way integration with the Opera PMS.

        With the integration now having rolled out at multiple resorts, one of the key benefits for Eleanor’s clients is the ability to ensure efficient writing back of guest profile data which is being captured from the Eleanor contactless check-in feature.

        The traditional check-in process at resorts can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to guest dissatisfaction, poor data capture and operational inefficiencies. Resort staff often need help deciphering handwritten registration cards, which can result in incorrect guest information and longer wait times. Additionally, manually transferring this information into property management systems (PMS) can be tedious and prone to errors.

        To address these challenges, Eleanor integrates with Opera through hconnect, creating a two-way connection that streamlines the check-in process. The integration allows guests to submit their information through the Eleanor app, which then populates the necessary fields in the resort’s property management system. This eliminates the need for manual entry and the possibility of errors. Moreover, the resort teams can elevate their guest experience while still complying with government regulations.

        Eleanor’s contactless check-in feature also the generation of a prefilled copy of the registration card, complete with e-signature and a copy of the guest’s passport.

        “We’re excited to offer this integration to our existing and new clients through this partnership with hconnect,” said Darren Caple, CEO of Eleanor. “We understand the challenges that resort face in managing their guest data. This integration provides a much-needed solution to streamline the check-in process, reduce errors, and save valuable time for resort staff, allowing them to focus more on the guest experience as opposed to paperwork and manual data entry.”

        “At hconnect, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Eleanor team and integrate their innovative technology with our integration platform as a service. Their team’s experience and collaboration have been instrumental in our joint success, and we appreciate their trust in us. We have seen Eleanor’s value to their clients and wholeheartedly recommend their application to any hotel or resort needing a powerful and user-friendly solution to enhance their guest experience. Thank you, Eleanor, for being such a great partner!” said David Ganly, hconnect Co-founder.

        The Eleanor and hconnect integration is available now for Opera PMS users. To learn more about how this integration can benefit your resort, please visit



        Be Proactive in Improving Guest Satisfaction & Reviews

        In the hospitality industry, reputation is everything. With the rise of online review sites and social media, it has become harder to keep a resort or hotel’s reputation in great shape. A bad review or post on social media can immensely hurt a property’s reputation – whereas a good reputation can bring in more guests and allow you to increase room rates and, subsequently, revenue.

        So, why then do most resorts only want to hear feedback from their guests once they have left the property and returned home unhappy?  The problem with this traditional approach is that resorts often only find out about a disgruntled guest once they air their thoughts on review sites and social media channels after departing.

        For those resorts that have adopted post departure feedback forms, there is great value in collating more extensive comments from guests to help improve service in the long run, but this approach doesn’t help fix immediate issues that arise and quickly make their way online.

        It’s time to focus more on capturing and resolving issues while the guest is still in-house.

        Be a proactive resort in capturing guest sentiment and feedback.

        Eleanor’s In Stay Short Survey feature allows guests to provide critical feedback to the resort at earlier stages of the guest journey and which can be actioned to ensure the guest departs more satisfied as a result of their concerns being heard and dealt with.

        Surveys can be customised for each resort and scheduled to reach guests at pre-defined intervals that capture timely feedback.  For example, a post-arrival feedback survey, sent one day after arrival, can provide crucial information as to whether a guest has settled in well to the start of their holiday. Similarly, a pre-departure short survey can allow for the implementation of last-minute service recovery actions. The results from these short surveys prove pivotal in allowing resorts to become proactive in ensuring a positive review at the end of the guest’s stay.

        A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that a 1-star increase in ratings can result in a 5-9% increase in revenue, while a separate study by Cornell found that room rates can go up by as much as 11.2% if a hotel’s reputation goes up by one point on a scale of five.

        The In-Stay Short Survey module is a game-changer for any resort that wants to improve its reputation and make its guests’ stays unforgettable.


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          Hotel Tech Report Awards 2023

          We’re excited to announce that Eleanor has won Runner-Up in the Best Concierge Software category for the second year in a row at the recent Hotel Tech Awards!

          Eleanor is thrilled to be named one of the top-performing concierge solution providers globally! Hotel Tech Report’s accolade is a great achievement for our second year participating in the program and confirms our efforts are making positive impacts on our clients and motivates us to continue providing a revolutionary guest experience solution for resorts.  In the past year, we have been able to broaden our reach to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Zanzibar, and the Caribbean, creating an expansive portfolio of new markets.

          Based on accurate, timely reviews from real users, rank the world’s best hotel software firms and products and it also provides hoteliers direct access to a growing network of hotel technology professionals and decision-makers.

          “Even amidst a market meltdown, the resurgence of COVID variants and the war in Ukraine (~30% of HTR’s is European…) — more than 864k+ hoteliers (+68% YOY) came to during the 3-month awards period contributing more than 16k+ product reviews adding to the collective knowledge about the best digital products that helped them survive the difficult times and thrive during the good times over the past couple years. Companies like Eleanor have been a vital resource for hoteliers looking to accelerate their digital transformation.” says a representative from HotelTechReport.

          “The guest experience is the cornerstone of our platform. Our unified resort-wide solution, Eleanor, has been built for resorts off the back of many years working in the industry and addresses the needs of the guests, sales & marketing teams, and perhaps even more importantly, the operational needs of the team on the ground at the property. The days of resorts working with disjointed systems are now behind us.”, says Darren Caple, co-founder, and CEO.

          “We are striving to make the guest’s resort experience as easy and as frictionless as possible. Whereas traditional providers in the market have come at this purely from a guest communication perspective, our background in resorts has allowed us to combine this basic requirement with streamlining operational processes. The result is a resort-wide solution that removes the need for countless different systems to be deployed.

          Eleanor allows resorts to deliver consistent, superior service levels to guests across all stages of their journey with contactless features helping to alleviate sensitive touchpoints in the post COVID-19 pandemic period. Eleanor also helps unlock operational efficiencies, boost incremental revenue by up to 30%, and generate guest loyalty, “ he added.

          Eleanor is making waves in the hospitality industry by pushing the conventional limits of what a resort guest app can achieve through its unique ability to facilitate direct bookings for services and activities.  The traditional ‘request to book’ feature that is common amongst almost all other hotel apps is removed by a powerful booking and operational platform sitting at the heart of the solution that covers all the resorts’ departments. It’s this module which realizes enormous operational benefits and insights for the resort.

          “We, at Eleanor, are humbled and honored to have garnered the award for two years in a row, and the positive reviews show that our clients are happy with us. Feedback from our clients, partners and hoteliers is incredibly valuable for us and we will continue to improve our offering and services”, said Caple. “Also, we can’t wait for our clients to try out the new features that have been added and will help their operations a lot.”

          For more information, visit


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            Please complete the following so that one of our team can reach out to explain more about Eleanor. Our team will lead you through the process for a smooth and simple setup.

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